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February 23, 2024 (British Columbia) – DoNoHarm BC, a non-partisan action group advocating for evidence-based safety measures and equitable public health policies, has issued a response to the release of BC Budget 2024.

DoNoHarm BC highlighted BC’s commitment to allocating over $3 billion over three years to support ongoing COVID-19 health measures. “This announcement represents a massive win for all the advocates and community members who’ve raised their voices… and underscores the impact of collective action in addressing pressing health challenges,” the analysis reads. DoNoHarm BC had previously sounded the alarm on plans for COVID-19 funding to “wind down” after 2023, leading a province-wide effort calling for funding renewal.

While celebrating the renewed support for existing COVID-19 health measures, DoNoHarm BC also noted that Budget 2024 falls short on other key issues. “Despite broad-based support from the public, there are no steps to address indoor air quality… [and] notably, BC Budget 2024 leaves British Columbians with Long Covid and related complex chronic diseases out in the cold.” According to Statistics Canada, 1 in 9 Canadian adults have developed Long Covid so far. Canada’s Office of the Chief Science Officer has been referring to Long Covid as a “potential mass-disabling event” since 2022, with recommendations to policy-makers at all levels to improve research and care.

DoNoHarm BC also expressed concern regarding communication to the public around COVID-19. “BC’s Budget 2024 materials persistently and inaccurately refer to the pandemic in the past tense, despite ongoing transmission and warnings from WHO leadership that we’re still in a pandemic. Moreover… we find it inappropriate to celebrate the choice to downplay school transmission risks and ignore safety concerns from BC parents, teachers, and health experts.”

DoNoHarm BC states that they will be monitoring the deployment of funding throughout 2024. “Our advocacy work will continue to ensure that the commitments in BC Budget 2024 are honoured – and that progress is made on the critical areas left unaddressed.”


About DoNoHarm BC

DoNoHarm BC is a non-partisan action group based in British Columbia, Canada. Their mission is to demand evidence-based safety measures in high-risk settings; to advocate for effective and equitable public health policies; and to help lead grassroots collective action promoting safety, equity, accessibility, and resilience in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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