Outdoors, a large group of people wearing respirators enjoy the first annual Clean Air Festival. Sitting in lounge chairs, under awnings, and at craft tables they listen to music and enjoy a stage magic act, surrounded by newly-built Corsi-Rosenthal boxes.

Eden Chipperfield | The Peak

On September 2, BC’s first annual Clean Air Festival occurred at Trout Lake in East Vancouver. The event is supported by Protect Our Province, Safe Schools Coalition BC, Masks4EastVan, and DoNoHarm BC. It promoted an accessible space where immunocompromised individuals can find sanctuary among peers who relate to ongoing concerns around airborne pathogens, like COVID-19, and pollutants that significantly affect air quality.

URL: https://the-peak.ca/2023/09/bcs-first-annual-clean-air-festival-promotes-immunocompromised-accessibility/

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