Renew pandemic support in BC’s 2024 Budget

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B.C. funding for COVID-related initiatives . This means losing capacity for economic recovery, supporting vulnerable British Columbians, and vital health management like vaccination, testing, and protective equipment for healthcare workers.

As we head into 2024, we call on the B.C. government to recommit to funding these essential programs – and to harness lessons learned so far from COVID-19 and climate emergencies, and make forward-thinking investments in public health:

  1. Renew a three year-plan for economic recovery, sustainable health management of communicable diseases, and resilience against future pandemics;
  2. Establish a Clean Indoor Air Act with an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) advisory council;
  3. Support a comprehensive building retrofit strategy including cooling and IAQ improvements in the BC Building Code;
  4. Provide a tax credit of $5 million/year to offset PPE costs for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities (bolstered by expanded medical equipment coverage, and raising rates of income and disability assistance indexed to inflation);
  5. Include Long COVID care in improved support for complex chronic illnesses;
  6. Invest in improved digital health solutions including better usability and interoperability between health authorities.

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We’re a non-partisan action group of British Columbians advocating for evidence-based safety measures in high-risk settings.