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This list will continuously update as we find fresh information. The names and contact information are all publicly available online. Please give the list a moment to load.

You can also find your MLA contact info here. Not sure where to start? Contact your MLA first, then pick the most relevant targets below (like the Health Authority where you live).

Are you aware of publicly-available information or contacts that should be added to this list? Get in touch.

How to take action

You can send an email to all these policy-makers at once, using our handy click-to-send email tool. (There’s template wording, but you’ll need to revise it due to the recent removal of healthcare masking.) Then use the contact info above to take the next step:

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1. Leave a message

Have a few seconds to spare? Use our short phone script and leave a message for your MLA and other policy-makers.

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2. Send a fax

Use our pre-made wording to send a free fax to your government representative! It’s like an email they can’t delete.

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3. Send postcards

Send our printable Postcards for Public Health (or any card you have on hand). Mail to MLAs and Ministers is free!

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4. Spread the word

Help amplify your impact! Spread the word on socials about the campaign, or post a selfie with a sign to raise awareness!

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