A line of protesters wearing N-95 masks hold colourful signs and banners outside Health Minister Adrian Dix's office. Some of the signs read, Not Safe, Not Kind; Protect Patients, Make Masks Mandatory; Keep Masks in Healthcacre; Say Airborne; and Vulnerable Lives are Still Worth Protecting.

V. S. Wells | The Georgia Straight

DoNoHarm BC, a non-partisan COVID-19 safety advocacy group, is set to host a protest on Monday aimed at returning masks to healthcare settings.

The masked protest will take place outside provincial health minister Adrian Dix’s constituency office at 12pm, with healthcare workers, patients, and caregivers set to tell their stories.

URL: https://www.straight.com/city-culture/four-months-after-healthcare-mask-mandate-dropped-a-protest-calls-for-its-return

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