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Last updated: April 15, 2024

With #Postcards4PublicHealth, we’re harnessing the power of our personal stories to highlight the impacts of abandoning safety measures, and to demand change. Past waves of postcards helped to restore masks to BC hospitals and long-term care over the fall and winter, and resulted in a commitment of over $3 billion across three years for COVID-19 health measures. Now, we’re on the third wave, supporting our ‘Vulnerability Is Seasonal’ campaign to #KeepMasksInHealthcare year round!

New postcard designs

We’ve added new postcard designs to support our current campaign! Check them out:

You can get your MLA contact info here, and get contact info for other BC policy-makers here. Postage to MLAs and Ministers is free!

If you’d like to send postcards but it isn’t accessible to you, share your message with us and we’ll send some postcards on your behalf!

Our Demands

Current demand: Keep mask requirements in BC healthcare year round, and strengthen mask protections with a patient mask requirement (with reasonable exceptions and accommodations); wider use of N95 masks to provide airborne protection; and a requirement for private and community health settings to meet the same minimum mask coverage as government-run facilities. (Get our full demands here.)

Past demands (and successes!) include:

  • Supporting DoNoHarm BC’s 2024 provincial budget recommendations to renew pandemic funding (result: over $3 billion in funding over three years)
  • Supporting DoNoHarm BC’s August 2023 campaign to restore masks to healthcare (result: mask requirements in BC hospitals and long-term care over fall/winter 2023-24, covering workers, contractors, volunteers and visitors)

How to Participate

  1. Get postcards. Use premade ones, make your own, or print-and-paste our custom artwork. 
  2. Write a short message / personal story. Say why YOU need masks to stay in healthcare. (If you want message ideas, check out these templates here.) You can sign your name, or leave it anonymous with just your postal code.
  3. Share your postcards on social media! Tag @DoNoHarmBC and policy makers, and use the #Postcards4PublicHealth hashtag alongside campaign hashtags!
  4. Mail your postcards and remember, postage is free to many members of government. You can get your MLA’s contact info here, and find more policy-maker contact info here.
  5. Want us to help amplify your story (or send postcards on your behalf)? Share your statement with us here.

Advocacy tip: Share stories that are personal, but not unkind or offensive. Ordinary staff members read these and convey our messages to politicians, and it’s important to win them over!

Looking for the older, longer guide for our previous #Postcards4PublicHealth campaigns? Find it here.

Take further action to keep masks in BC healthcare year-round!

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