Take action on public health with our tools for both community members and organizers.
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  • Help shape accessibility laws in BC
    Help us get important safety priorities written into law – and make it harder for anti-safety measures (like mask bans) to pass in future.
  • Analysis: BC agrees to cover Paxlovid, but with major restrictions
    While we welcome the approval of Paxlovid coverage in BC, we also find the new eligibility guidelines leave much to be desired.
  • How to call your MLA (and other policy-makers)
    Use our phone script to call your MLA (and other key policy-makers) in 30 seconds! Leave a message urging them to keep masks in healthcare year-round.
  • Fax or email your MLA
    Use our templates to fax or email your MLA and other policy-makers, demanding BC keep mask protections in BC healthcare. (Find a free online fax service too!)
  • #Postcards4PublicHealth Guide 2.0
    Did you know sending mail to many members of government is free? Send policy-makers a postcard (or a dozen postcards) to highlight the impacts of abandoning safety measures and demand change.
  • Tell the BC NDP what you care about for 2024
    Use our example survey answers to tell the BC NDP that COVID safety, clean air, and immuno-inclusivity are key election issues in 2024 – and that this includes masks in healthcare.
  • Contact List of BC Policy-makers
    Get contact information for key BC policy-makers in healthcare, including phone numbers, fax numbers, and mailing addresses.
  • DoNoHarm BC’s Analysis of BC Budget 2024
    DoNoHarm BC summarizes the advocacy wins and funding gaps in BC Budget 2024 related to community health priorities – and flags some concerning political narratives.
  • Tell the federal government to fund Covid safety in 2024
    Use our template survey answers to tell the federal government to include clean air, Long Covid research and a PPE tax credit in the 2024 budget by February 9, 2024.
  • B.C. Budget Recommendations 2024/25
    1. Renewed three-year plan for economic recovery & pandemic resilience. 2. Clean Indoor Air Act­. 3. Building retrofits. 4. PPE tax credit. 5. Long COVID care. 6. Digital health solutions.
  • Media relations for organizers
    As activists, one of our big goals is to get our message out there. If you’re new to media relations, read on to find some ways that you can share your story with the press.
  • Tell the City of Richmond to include COVID Safety in their Accessibility Plan
    Use our template survey answers to tell the City of Richmond to include clean air and COVID safety in their new Accessibility Plan by December 3, 2023.
  • Key facts and demands for #Postcards4PublicHealth
    1. Universal mask protections in BC healthcare settings. 2. Indoor air quality. 3. Public education about airborne Covid transmission and Long Covid. 4. Improved Paxlovid access. 5. Timely vaccine rollout. 6. Covid data and PCR availability.
  • #Postcards4PublicHealth DIY Campaign Builder
    Use our DIY campaign builder kit to launch your own Postcards for Public Health campaign, and to join us in taking action from your own region in the world! Find resources to participate in whatever way best fits your capacity.
  • #Postcards4PublicHealth Guide 1.0
    In this Covid action campaign, we’re harnessing the power of our personal stories to highlight the impacts of abandoning safety measures, and to demand change in BC.

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