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Tell policy-makers NO to dropping masks in BC healthcare

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On April 8, 2024, BC abruptly dropped mask requirements for healthcare settings – disregarding guidance from doctors, researchers, and the BC Human Rights Commissioner. The move also shut out the voices of many vulnerable British Columbians, who in the last couple weeks have sent over 18,000 messages calling to maintain and improve healthcare mask protections. 

BC claims the downgrade was due to the end of “respiratory illness season” – yet NACI states COVID is not regarded as seasonal. The last time BC dropped healthcare masking, it was followed by multiple COVID outbreaks. This current move comes right after spring break, when increased travel can fuel illness spread – and at a time when continued COVID risks are accompanied by warnings about increased measles, tuberculosis, and H5N1 (avian influenza).

We call on BC to immediately reinstate healthcare mask requirements for healthcare workers, contractors, volunteers and visitors. There is no acceptable level of avoidable infection in healthcare. We also echo our previous demands: 

  • include patients in universal healthcare mask protections (with reasonable exceptions);
  • improve airborne precautions with wider use of respirators, as the only masks designed for airborne illnesses;
  • require masks in private and community healthcare settings like doctor’s offices and medical labs.

Learn more about why this matters.

Let’s get LOUD.

We brought back masks before, and we can do it again! After you’ve sent some emails, be sure to take the next steps:

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1. Do the survey

Until April 19th, tell the BC NDP what you care about this election year, for healthcare and more!

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2. Leave a message

Use our short phone script and leave a message for your MLA and other policy-makers.

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3. Send a fax

Use our template letter to send free faxes online. It’s like an email they can’t delete.

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4. Send postcards

Send our printable postcards (or any card you have) – mail to MLAs and Ministers is free!

More on why this matters

  • Patient safety: Downgrading infection control in places like ERs and cancer centres puts patients at greater risk. Hospital-acquired COVID-19 is at least 70 times more deadly than COVID contracted in the community.
  • Worker safety: The healthcare sector has the highest rates of WorkSafeBC claims for COVID. We can’t afford to lose more staff – temporarily to acute illness, or long-term to Long COVID.
  • Accessibility: Multiple polls show 8591% of respondents must delay healthcare due to lack of COVID safety. COVID and Long COVID also disproportionately harm Indigenous, racialized, disabled, 2SLBTQIA+ and lower-income communities, making this central to questions of health equity.
  • Year-round protection: BC’s spring vaccination campaign underscores the risks COVID poses year round, particularly to the most vulnerable. Since it bears repeating: NACI states that “seasonality of SARS-CoV-2 has not been established.”
  • A necessary layer: While vaccination is essential, it doesn’t fully prevent infections or long-term health impacts – plus, it’s less effective for many immunocompromised people. Nearly 60% of COVID cases spread asymptomatically, so symptom checks can’t catch all infectious people. PHSA’s own infection control policies state that N95s should be used for confirmed or suspected airborne illnesses.
  • Protecting our healthcare system: BC faces a healthcare crisis, and healthcare-acquired infections can cause surgical delays, prolonged hospitalization and other interruptions of care. Skyrocketing rates of Long COVID also contribute to healthcare demand.
  • Evidence-based support: Masks are a low-cost, high-impact safety tool. A study on SARS-CoV-1 co-authored by BC’s current Provincial Health Officer found that “Consistently wearing a mask… was protective for the nurses” while noting that “[r]isk was lower with consistent use of a N95 mask than with consistent use of a surgical mask.”

“If there is one space that all vulnerable people should be able to rely on to prioritize their safety, it is in healthcare settings, including long term care facilities…removal of universal masking directives in healthcare settings does not uphold a human rights centred approach to public health.”

BC Human Rights Commissioner, April 3, 2023

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Past version

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Two adults in N95 masks against a light blue background, one with long dark hair, assisting an elder with white hair using a walker. Black text reads, Vulnerability Isn't Seasonal. #KeepMasksInHealthcare. Share your thoughts by April 1.
Two adults in N95 masks against a light blue background, one with long dark hair, assisting an elder with white hair using a walker. Black text reads, Vulnerability Isn’t Seasonal. #KeepMasksInHealthcare. Share your thoughts by April 1.

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We’re a non-partisan action group of British Columbians advocating for evidence-based safety measures in high-risk settings.